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How to Make Yourself Look Like The Rage-Face Emoji

Welcome to Make Your Face, a makeup tutorial series with a simple mission: makeup by you (me) for your (my) own entertainment, Establishment-style.

I’m a pretty sunny person. I don’t get mad often. When I was younger I stayed angry all the time, simmering away beneath whatever was happening on my face, and I think I finally just burned most of it off. Thankfully, I just don’t have the energy to feel furious anymore. It’s a nice way to be! But when I do manage to get mad these days, I get MAD. My only anger settings are “no big, it’s totally chill, brah” and CASE OF THE RAAAAGE, and therefore there is no place in my world for the regular ol’ yellow angry face emoji. Nah, I go straight from to .

is apparently officially titled “Pouting Face,” but who the hell are we kidding? That emoji clearly has murder in its heart; fiery burning wrath blazes forth from its brow. The heat of its righteous indignation has altered its color from typical emoji yellow to an infuriated red-orange. That emoji is PISSED OFF. That emoji is about to explode from sheer force of feeling. That emoji doesn’t have any hair, but if it did it would be BIG due to the ENORMOUS VOLUME of its VEXATION.

That’s more like it.

The eyebrows of the rage-face emoji don’t extend beyond the tip of their arches, probably because they were singed off in its initial explosion of ire.


Red-hot rage + yellow emoji skin = orange.


The rage-face emoji appears to sport black eyeliner on its upper waterline:


And brown on the lower lashline:


A bit of brown shadow in the crease of each eyelid helps to simulate the fathomless depths of the rage-face emoji’s angry eyepits. The fire of its passion casts a warm yellow glow beneath each eye socket.




Suffused with red wrath, the center of the rage-face appears as a sort of UT Vols orange color.


A bright flush of crimson blood is apparent further toward the edges of the face, fading to burnt brown at the outside.


Fingers are really excellent tools for blending.


The rage-face emoji’s eyebrows are dark brown, thick with the weight of displeasure.


And its forehead gleams with a bright sheen of self-righteousness.


Its mouth hangs open in outraged disbelief, revealing a hollow well of darkness deep within the emoji’s core.

This is somewhat difficult to emulate with actual human lips in the way, but shading with black and yellow helps to sell the effect.


WOW, “Pouting Face” is a really unflattering look on me!


I just can’t maintain the mad-ness anymore, looking at that photo. Thanks,  ! I feel better already.