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Artist Kayla E. Is An Angry Woman

Kayla E. is an artist, illustrator, and editor-in-chief of Nat Brut, a get-thee-to-its-pages-right-the-hell-now publication that is literally revolutionary — as in, it’s actually changing the face of what literature and art is “worthy” of being published. It values inclusivity above all and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Kayla E. herself? She’s a bespectacled, beautifully rage-filled creature that is as brilliant as she is brash, sweet as she is salty. She’s pushing for social progress poem by poem, story by story, incandescent drawing by incandescent drawing.

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“Nat Brut’s tagline is ‘the responsible future of art and literature.’ So we are a publication that is dedicated to advancing equality and inclusivity in all creative fields. There’s no other way to do it. Like if you’re not going to do it right, just peace. The world doesn’t need anymore problematic publications. Nat Brut is so good, people love the shit out of it because of the people we publish, because they’re fucking brilliant.”

She believes Nat Brut can move the needle, so publishing queer women of color and other marginalized voices doesn’t feel like a delectable anomaly or like breaking the surface of an ice cold pond when you’ve been holding your breath . . . but instead, can feel as it should be. Normal.

“Self-Portrait as Sally Hemings” by Marisa Williamson 

“The majority of the human beings in the world are people who aren’t white men! You know like they’re not the majority! My lived experience is so like intense and overwhelming that there’s so much to unpack by just purely existing and staying alive like there’s enough material to make art, like, infinitely. “

*Kayla has since moved with her girlfriend Laura to South Carolina, so her Texas rage and discomfort has been much mitigated!