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Why Do Men Get To Define Black Girl Happiness?

Still from 'Nappily Ever After' of a woman shaving her head and crying

In Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, men determine what makes a woman “real,” and worthy.   When Netflix dropped the trailer for its latest romantic comedy Nappily Ever After over a month ago, I was slightly enamored and reasonably wary. Amid a robust wave of traditional rom-coms with diverse casts, Nappily felt like a purposeful throwback Read more

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Solange Beats The Deadly Clock Constraining Black Women Creatives

“A large number of black women writers, both past and present, have gone to early graves. To know their life stories is to be made aware of how death hovers . . . [their deaths] stand as constant reminders that life is not promised — that it is crucial for a writer to respect time.” Read more

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Why ‘Luke Cage’ Matters

Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) By Establishment Staff Every once in a while, a show or movie that breaks the normative mold of pop culture resonates so strongly with our readers, we field several pitches about it. This happened with trauma survivors who wanted to write about the groundbreaking representation of the Read more