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Practicing Self-Defense From A Radical Feminist Perspective

buttons on an arcade game labeled "defense," "punch" and "Kick"

My desire to share my skills does not come from a victim-blaming narrative that would fault someone for not successfully fighting back. Nor am I arguing that learning and practicing self-defense is some kind of imperative. If someone can run or otherwise leave a situation without having to fight, that’s great, and men still need to take responsibility for their actions. But I am interested in the radical liberation that comes from protecting ourselves, and from protecting each other. Read more

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I Don’t Fight Because I’m Violent — I Fight Because The World Is

I was in my early twenties when I first joined Fight Club. I’d recently started watching mixed martial arts championships on TV, and I was intrigued. I fell in with a group of similarly curious and equally untrained women, and together, we started attending a martial arts and MMA club that was held in a Read more