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Three Lessons For Men From The Bad, Weird Year Of 2018

2018 was a year.

It jumped out of 2017 and scurried into the darkest corners. It latched on to satire’s face, only to burst from satire’s chest with the most ludicrous headlines. Overall, it was a bad, weird year, but men —  especially — did not come off looking good in 2018 and it’s time to examine what lessons we should glean from these past 12 twelve months to make our collective futures less bad and weird…maybe even better. Read more

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Men, You Can Survive Without Us — Please Try

Men, You Can Survive Without Us — Please Try Unsplash/Alan Labisch By Ijeoma Oluo Men — straight, cisgender men. We need to talk. I’ve been concerned about you for quite some time. You’ve been acting out. The yelling, the name-calling, the violent outbursts — I’ve been watching with keen interest and I’ve finally understood the pain and fear at the root of it. Read more