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Three Lessons For Men From The Bad, Weird Year Of 2018

2018 was a year.

It jumped out of 2017 and scurried into the darkest corners. It latched on to satire’s face, only to burst from satire’s chest with the most ludicrous headlines. Overall, it was a bad, weird year, but men —  especially — did not come off looking good in 2018 and it’s time to examine what lessons we should glean from these past 12 twelve months to make our collective futures less bad and weird…maybe even better. Read more

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Every Day, Men Are Encouraged To Dominate ‘Vulnerable, Powerless People’

The irony is that these attempts at narrowing the conversation always end up doing the opposite: If the situation is to blame, why are there so many different situations producing similar results? Why is it a given that men will attack women when in isolation? Why do we simply accept the terror of masculinity as a fact of life? Read more

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The Radical Evolution Of Gender Roles In The Mad Max Films

By Noah Berlatsky If you had told fans of the Mad Max franchise circa-1986 that the fourth film in the series — up for an Academy Award at this Sunday’s Oscars ceremony — was going to be an explicitly feminist (or at least arguably feminist) narrative about overthrowing the patriarchy, said fans would probably have grunted and scratched their Read more