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‘You Can Go As Far As You Like In My Great Big Oldsmobile!’

In this 1932 commercial one lucky dame gets to be the Queen of a Gas Machine. (And the recipient of manifold gropings!)

Why hello there!

On this fine fine Friday I offer you a deeply offensive cartoon commercial, hailing from the steamingly sexist bowels of 1932.

There’s Peeping Toms — one of which is a clock! — casual break and entry, oh-so-cheeky gropings under duress, a fist fight, euphemistic candy licking, and a good ol’ fashioned damsel-in-distress rescue. (Although to the cartoon writer’s credit, at least our heroine gets to hurl a few insults and glass objects at her tormenter. . .)

The best part of all? All this tumultuous romance is merely a foil for Oldsmobile! Naturally. Oh, and there’s a sing-along too.

Anyway, here’s hoping that however you get the fuck down on Friday — or don’t! — you’ll find yourself the Queen of a Gas Machine one way or another.