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A Soap Label To Save The World From Future Hitlers

a skinny white man in sunglasses holding four bottles of liquid soap

Woven between incoherent maxims are the raw wounds of a man incapable of communicating just how horrific his pain was. He discloses his grief in a desperate, almost childlike way—on a soap label. A soap label that has become the iconic face of a $120 million soap company. A soap label the Bronner family will never change. Read more

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Millennials Are Embracing Anger — And That’s A Good Thing

Millennials are turning anger into inspiration and using it as fuel to take action. I was out recently with a group of friends when, over wine and spaghetti, the conversation turned to feminism. Everyone at the table — a mix of millennials and Gen Xers — said she thought of herself as a feminist, but several were skeptical of the Read more