​​For Whom the Bells Toll: The Life And Politics Of Bell Bottoms

When you wear bell bottoms you can’t help but take up space, and people can’t help but notice you. Fashion has always been used to send messages, or to exhibit social status or wealth. In many cultures, black at a funeral shows you’re mourning, just as a bride in white at her wedding represents purity. Victorian women wore Read more

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Food, Adoption, And The Language of Love

arroz con pollo in a large pan

I am Honduran or Italian. I am me. A collection of my lived experiences. In New York, I imagine it’s Christmastime. My uncle hunched over the counter making homemade pasta noodles for lasagna, my aunt stealing a few slices of salami of her freshly made antipasto, and the smell of penne alla vodka permeating throughout Read more

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Meet The Queer Musicians Fighting For Art And Their Lives In Brazil, The World’s LGBTQI Murder Capital

Brazil holds the world’s highest LGBTQI murder rate. Here, a LGBTQI person is brutally murdered or commits suicide every 19 hours. Every. 19. hours.

Among such crushing hostility, it would appear there should be little room for LGBTQI artists to exist at all. The reality, however, is quite the opposite: the queer music scene of Brazil is exploding. Read more

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I Used To Be Proudly Anti-Feminist — Here’s What Changed My Mind

I don’t need female empowerment, because I’m not weak!” “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men.” “I don’t need feminism. I actually like cooking for my husband.” I used to agree with a lot of statements like this. I thought feminists were only doing harm to themselves and others, and I proudly proclaimed that I Read more

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NBC Helped Create Trump — Now It Owes The American Public

“If host and executive producer Donald Trump behaved toward female staffers of the Trump Organization the way he does on [The Apprentice], promoting women for sexy stunts and ignoring or rewarding the sort of treatment women have received from male Apprentice candidates over the years, he’d be setting himself up for sexual harassment lawsuits.” Read more

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Are We Witnessing The Death Of San Francisco’s Revolutionary Spirit?

SONY DSC By Emma Bushnell SONY DSC Once on a flight home to San Francisco for a visit from college in Boston, I sat next to an anarchist couple in their sixties. They were dressed all in black with matching fedoras over long, grey hair, and came armed with giant sketchpads. They were warm, happy people, Read more

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When Selfies Are A Radical Act

The gender breakdown of selfie-taking currently skews far more female (or gender non-conforming), and so a lot of the language against selfies has taken on a lot of the tone that is often leveled at “feminine-coded” behaviors: too vain, too superficial, too much, too occupying of our visual space. Read more