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Meet The Queer Musicians Fighting For Art And Their Lives In Brazil, The World’s LGBTQI Murder Capital

Brazil holds the world’s highest LGBTQI murder rate. Here, a LGBTQI person is brutally murdered or commits suicide every 19 hours. Every. 19. hours.

Among such crushing hostility, it would appear there should be little room for LGBTQI artists to exist at all. The reality, however, is quite the opposite: the queer music scene of Brazil is exploding. Read more

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A Girl In The Pit

I don’t think many of us would willingly and repeatedly enter a situation that typically ends in bruised ribs, mysterious cuts and scratches, dehydration, and aching feet if we weren’t at least a little self-destructive, but there is a difference between the consensual physical exhaustion of the mosh pit and having your physical being threatened or assaulted. Read more

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Prince Was The Patron Saint Of Black Weirdos

flickr/Scott Penner By Ijeoma Oluo I remember it clearly, my white mother talking to her black friends as my brother and I, six and four, played underfoot. “These kids need to be around you, I’m afraid they won’t learn how to be black.” I understand now, as an adult, what my mom was saying. My white mother Read more