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Why Do Men Get To Define Black Girl Happiness?

Still from 'Nappily Ever After' of a woman shaving her head and crying

In Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, men determine what makes a woman “real,” and worthy.   When Netflix dropped the trailer for its latest romantic comedy Nappily Ever After over a month ago, I was slightly enamored and reasonably wary. Amid a robust wave of traditional rom-coms with diverse casts, Nappily felt like a purposeful throwback Read more

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Don’t Hate ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ Hate Hollywood

The criticism ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ has received for its promotion of the model minority myth and moments of anti-blackness are completely valid, but we also need to be realistic about the role pop culture plays in pushing a truly progressive agenda and the timeline in which that agenda unfolds.
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