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Into The Gap: What Machine Learning Reveals About Gender And Writing

The technologies we are using to generate text—from auto-replies to articles—are learning the patterns in the set of texts we give them. And these technologies, in turn, are not only writing for all of us, but imposing the patterns they’ve learned. Read more

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Here’s Your Abortion Survivalist Guide For An Impending Emergency: Q&A With Author And Activist Robin Marty

“I would be highly surprised if we don’t have a state where abortion is either illegal after six weeks or there’s no clinic. Honestly, I think the first thing that’s going to happen is we’re going to have a clinic-free state within the next twelve months. If I were going to put money on it I’d say it’s Missouri.” Read more

​​For Whom the Bells Toll: The Life And Politics Of Bell Bottoms

When you wear bell bottoms you can’t help but take up space, and people can’t help but notice you. Fashion has always been used to send messages, or to exhibit social status or wealth. In many cultures, black at a funeral shows you’re mourning, just as a bride in white at her wedding represents purity. Victorian women wore Read more