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Practicing Self-Defense From A Radical Feminist Perspective

buttons on an arcade game labeled "defense," "punch" and "Kick"

My desire to share my skills does not come from a victim-blaming narrative that would fault someone for not successfully fighting back. Nor am I arguing that learning and practicing self-defense is some kind of imperative. If someone can run or otherwise leave a situation without having to fight, that’s great, and men still need to take responsibility for their actions. But I am interested in the radical liberation that comes from protecting ourselves, and from protecting each other. Read more

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‘It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Power’ And Other Lies

What’s insidious about this phrase is that it assumes we have stable and agreed upon definitions of fraught terms like “sex” and “power.” The phrase ushers us past the physicality of sex and violence all together in favor of an abstraction. Read more

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What’s So Scary About Disability?

Quite frankly, we disabled people are everywhere right now, but not in the way many of us would like. If we’re not wielding chainsaws and going on murderous rampages, then we’re plotting world domination from our wheelchairs and reveling in a variety of gruesome deaths. Read more

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I Had No Idea How Much Medicaid Would Cost Me

three white chairs in an empty waiting room

We did our research and weighed the pros and cons alongside our specific circumstances. While I had lived paycheck to paycheck throughout my professional career, my husband had managed to put away a significant “nest egg” while working during and after graduate school—but it was a drop in the bucket compared to the expense of the transplant I needed. Read more