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Power To The Vulva: Author Liv Strömquist On Shame, The Female Body, And Art

“If we don’t have the words we cannot understand what the vulva is or how it looks and works. In many languages there isn’t even a proper word for the female sexual organ—one that isn’t an insult.” Read more

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I’m Still Here After 20 Years Of Suicidal Thoughts: How Did That Happen?

I tried to throw myself in front of a train on my 30th birthday. I spent an hour, two—time was gauzy—trying to get myself airborne. But a chain kept pulling me up short, the kind that allows backyard dogs just so close to the fence. At the time I thought it was God. Read more

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Hip Science Media Has A Gender Essentialism Problem

Illustration of spermazoa of rabbits and dogs

The conflation of sex and gender, and the use of gender essentialism and straight up sexism in science writing, contribute to an overall culture in which it’s easy for people to assume that sperm is what makes a man, that vaginas are what make a woman, and that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Read more