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Why Do Men Get To Define Black Girl Happiness?

Still from 'Nappily Ever After' of a woman shaving her head and crying

In Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, men determine what makes a woman “real,” and worthy.   When Netflix dropped the trailer for its latest romantic comedy Nappily Ever After over a month ago, I was slightly enamored and reasonably wary. Amid a robust wave of traditional rom-coms with diverse casts, Nappily felt like a purposeful throwback Read more

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Pink As F*ck: The Colorful History Of A Sex Symbol  

The use of pink as a current political statement in response to our contemporary government or as the latest trend, draws upon the versatility of pink’s associations, it’s intrinsic connection to the human condition, and its ability to arouse our sense of smell, alter our outlook, tantalize our taste buds, evoke our childhoods, or elicit a sense of touch. Read more

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I’m Still Here After 20 Years Of Suicidal Thoughts: How Did That Happen?

I tried to throw myself in front of a train on my 30th birthday. I spent an hour, two—time was gauzy—trying to get myself airborne. But a chain kept pulling me up short, the kind that allows backyard dogs just so close to the fence. At the time I thought it was God. Read more