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Promoting Consent: The Business Of Safer Spaces

A person performing burlesque with feather fans

I’m not entirely sure why, but as I entered the party I had Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well” in my head. Considering I had never been to this location or one of these events and I wasn’t arriving with anyone, the lyrics had no relationship to what I was actually doing; attending a members-only intimate party via an anonymous erotica club. Not quite a sex party, although that was certainly available to anyone interested in partaking. It was more of a hyper-flirtatious gathering for adults; consenting, eager adults.
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‘It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Power’ And Other Lies

What’s insidious about this phrase is that it assumes we have stable and agreed upon definitions of fraught terms like “sex” and “power.” The phrase ushers us past the physicality of sex and violence all together in favor of an abstraction. Read more

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Power To The Vulva: Author Liv Strömquist On Shame, The Female Body, And Art

“If we don’t have the words we cannot understand what the vulva is or how it looks and works. In many languages there isn’t even a proper word for the female sexual organ—one that isn’t an insult.” Read more